I have this little theory in which I apportion some of the blame for our culture’s hatred of sex workers. The people I apportion it to: sexually-manipulative wives. In my most recent expression of it, I wrote:

A long time ago in the context of a discussion about porn, I advanced a theory about the historical antipathy between wives and sex workers. This theory seemed so uncontroversial to me that I didn’t think it needed expanding, explaining, or defending; rather, it was the rock-solid background against which I set my argument about porn. Here’s what I said in 2003:

Some women object to porn the way wives object to the idea of prostitutes, and for the same reason: it means they have to use actual sex, rather than their erstwhile monopoly over the possibility of access to sexual stimulus, in order to maintain and enjoy the sexual attention of their men.

Mistress Matisse has another theory. If following the money is an analytic principle that seems wise to you, then her theory may have considerable appeal:

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