Penis enlargement products are, 999 times out of 1000, bogus. But if you’ve ever wanted to be bigger for your lover, the cock sheath product category is the one possibility that is totally for real. The Muscle Cock Sheath by Atomic Jock is a real thing, that lets you fuck your lover with “a bigger version of you” and you’ll still enjoy yourself while you’re doing it:

cock sheath

Ok, we’re going to get real here. There are toys that are made for partner use but are typically designed to be more fun for one person than the other. Enter the blessed sex saviors at Atomic Jock by Oxballs, who are constantly tweaking and improving their already innovative and successful sex toys.

Let us now introduce the Muscle. Muscle is made from a soft thermoplastic rubber, allowing it to mold closely around your cock, lined with soft ridges, creating incomparable, intense massaging vacuum suction sensations that will keep you thrusting deeper and harder while your partner enjoys getting filled with an enlarged version of you. Think cock sheaths dull the sensations for the top? Muscle does the opposite.

Muscle also uses the improved Cocksling 2 for its base, holding it secure while also firmly gripping your cock and balls, keeping your erection hard and making your orgasms intense. Each Muscle also comes with a silicone stopper that can be used at various points inside the sheath for a tight fit for the wearer, so you can customize it to your own size.

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