The robotic asshole shown here is part of an appropriately non-erotic (but highly practical) prostate exam simulator for medical students. It solves a difficult problem in medical instruction:

[The simulator] is endowed with force sensors, which can alert the student when he or she is being too aggressive, and can report how thorough the student was in his or her examination.

“Consider this,” Lok said, “how would a medical student know if they are doing a good prostate exam? Currently it is impossible for the educator to gauge performance. This simulation provides performance, feedback, and an opportunity to learn and lower anxiety.”

My immediate thought is that if an artificial asshole has sensors that can discern the roughness and thoroughness of a digital exam, it has sensors that could capture and transmit to a remote system the patterns of stimulation that were applied to it. A sufficiently clever dildo could then recreate those patterns of stimulation in a human asshole. This is the long-dreamed of technological art of teledildonics, arriving first in the field of medicine because that’s where the big money is.

To date, actual sex-oriented teledildonics products that have reached the market have been disappointing and have failed to catch on. What this prostate exam simulator tells me is that the difficulties are in design and marketing, but are not (any more) primarily technological.

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