I remember when anal beads were a nasty unsafe unsanitary nightmare. They were sold in every shoddy sex toy shop and XXX VHS video rental place, and they were cheap, because they had to be. For one thing, they were literally plastic beads, on a white cotton string. There was no way to clean or sanitize that string after use, or the holes through the beads for that matter. Worse yet, the beads were acrylic plastic (remember Clackers?) and they often had a sharp/scratchy mold line where the two hemispheres of the beads had been pressed together. To use them safely, you first had to inspect them bead by bead, smoothing off any rough spots with an X-Acto knife and sandpaper; and then you had to throw them away when you were done, unless you really enjoyed playing with boiling water and bleach. They were a nightmare, I tell you!

They’ve come a long way. Behold the KinkLab Innuendo Anal Beads from the Stockroom:

anal beads

Kinklab’s Innuendo Anal Beads are a safe, pleasurable addition to the repertoire of every aficionado of anal play, no matter what level of experience. This silicone-blend toy features seven beads of graduated sizes that can be easily inserted, starting with the smallest and working your way up to the larger ones as your comfort and confidence increases. Just add your favorite water-based lube and insert slowly.

Unlike strands of beads, this toy is a single solid piece, and equipped with a handle that makes removal safe, comfortable, and easy. Because of the high-quality silicone materials, it’s easy to keep the Innuendo clean–just hand wash with mild soap or a commercial cleaner and allow to air-dry before playing again.

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