Abbi writes about getting expertly fingered:

He works three deft fingers into my eager and wanting cunt, then twists them slowly as I moan for him. This time the shape his hand makes leaves a knuckle circling my clit, I’m so perfectly wet and able for this increased pressure. And then he pulls his fingers forward as they are deep in me, finding my g spot and working it. I am making more noise, I can’t stay still. My back is arched and he is working me towards a huge orgasm. Fucking me with his hand then, pulling his fingers so they press on my g spot, then circling my clit.

And he repeats this. Or at least that’s what I think he’s doing. It’s a perfect storm of sensation. And I can’t help or ruin this, I can’t press down or wriggle. There is nothing I can do to intensity or it or speed it up, I just have to take it. I just have to let go and let him do what he had so clearly set out to do. I’m rarely privy to these plans before he executes them. But I am in no doubt that he had intended to stand over me and make me come with his hands.

As his hand fucks me harder and I get louder I tell him I’m close, not that he needed to be told. And without me telling him, he focuses on just circling the clit, knowing that’s what I need most to finish this. His fingers still in me, a thumb or knuckle steadily works my clit until I clench hard and come magnificently.

I am still moaning and writhing when he gets his mouth on it. My swollen, wet, aching lips. And gently he kisses and licks me until another wave rushes over me and I think I could die. His lips lapping delicately at my cunt. His tongue flicking over my pulsating clit.. I buck and twist and scream his name.

‘Did you see that! Did you feel it! Fuck me it was huge!’ He just smiles at me, laughs actually. ‘Your…. That … skill with …..your fingers…. It’s incredible, I wasn’t even sure what you were doing half the time’. I just about manage to say. I am wrapped in his arms on the bed and he slips his hand back into me and presses on my g spot and says ‘This?’

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