One of the fetishes I don’t understand as well as I’d like to is the one where people doing some sort of BDSM or degradation/humiliation play write insults on themselves or on their partner. One sees Tumblr posts of this sort fairly frequently, and if the writing-play itself (when it’s women being written on) need not be inherently misogynistic, the photos are often re-posted on Tumblr with explicitly misogynistic commentary. One of the common insults (along with “cheap whore” and “dirty pig” and so forth) is “worthless hole”.


Every time I see that one, I marvel at it. It seems to me that for a hole to be worthless, the person making that judgment has to have no use for it. And when it’s a man making that judgement, isn’t he basically admitting he can’t get an erection, and that he has no imagination?

Maybe not. But every time I see a woman on Tumblr with “worthless hole” written on her body, I think derisive thoughts about the boring limp-dicked motherfucker who (I imagine) wrote it.

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