Here’s another great reason to love the internet: a large digital collection [gone now, here’s the Wayback machine URL proving I didn’t dream it] of On Our Backs, the lesbian magazine from the 1980s and 1990s (I’d call it “seminal” if that word weren’t so manifestly unsuited to carrying the freight I need carried) published by, among others, Susie Bright.

On Our Backs lesbian magazine

The collection is from Independent Voices (“an open-access collection of an alternative press”) and though it doesn’t claim to be complete, it is very substantial, containing 68 issues of the magazine. (Gaps in the collection are evident from the numbering, but how many of them coincide with publication gaps is something I can’t easily check.)


2019 Update: I’m sorry to report that Independent Voices has removed public access to the On Our Backs collection, for stated reasons that strike me as reflecting either cowardice or insincerity.

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