Parody and porn have a long and happy mutual history. A lot of early porn directly and viciously parodied figures from religion and nobility. Modern porn often borrows from and parodies popular movies and television, no extra charge for a sleazy punning title. And while I don’t always enjoy porn parodies, they are at their best when they take a familiar story in a more sexual direction, offering us sexual might-have-beens that we could hope to get in no other way.

sansa gets naked for her new husband: Game Of Thrones parody porn

Case in point: the TV show Game Of Thrones, which is chock-full of uncomfortable sex and a bit short on the cheerfully consensual variety. Thus, the Hustler production This Ain’t Game Of Thrones XXX (available online at Hustler Parodies, which is part of the Hustler Mega Pass offering) has a lot of chances to show us more-satisfying sex scenes than the show itself ever featured. One of my favorite scenes in This Ain’t Game Of Thrones is the marital consummation that never happened between Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister. Marie McCray makes a very plausible Sansa, and if you are in the camp that thinks Sansa missed a chance at some amazing virgin-bride-with-experienced-husband sex on the show, she fully redeems herself in the parody:

sansa and tyrion about to consummate their marriage

sansa learns what married bliss feels like as her new husband eats her pussy

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