When I was young, what I would have seen first in this photo was the hot babe, and my thoughts would have been fairly predictably carnal. But I am no longer young, and I have been snarking about porn for a long time, and now I must confess that, smoking hot as she is, my first impression of this photo is “Who wears high heels to the swimming pool?”

naked in high heels by the swimming pool

There’s actually a serious point to my admittedly-weary snark. Because the answer, of course, is that some photographer (almost certainly male) thought it would look sexy and so he posed her that way without regard to whether the photo composition made any kind of sense. No doubt he thought it wouldn’t matter; men, especially young men, think with their dicks, and aren’t going to have a concern in the world about the practical difficulties or general implausibility of a naked lady’s poolside footwear. But suspension of disbelief matters just as much in porn as it matters in fiction, and minor stupidities of this sort are destructive of mine. Surely I’m not the only one?

Found at Vintage Cuties.

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