Now that literally everyone is in love and/or lust with Kate McKinnon after her portrayal of the Ghostbusters character Jillian Holtzmann, this 2008 video is making the rounds in which McKinnon serves as a cheerfully enthusiastic demo bottom while porn legend Nina Hartley demonstrates the properly sexy way to pull hair. McKinnon appears incandescently joyful during the first part of the demonstration, and it only gets better from there. When Hartley pulls her close (by her hair, natch) and adds what is either an earlobe nibble or perhaps something something sexy whispered in her ear — or both — McKinnon gets so hot-and-bothered she might as well have melted down right there on camera. She blushes, sweats, gets up, tries to pace it off, knocks over the stage dressing, and in her authentic pleasure is cute and sexy beyond all measure:

(Thanks to commenter Adrian for finding an updated youtube link when the first one broke.)

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