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I have noted with puzzlement that an insult derived from “cuckold” is in frequent use among the slangier elements of the American political right. “Cuckservative” — sometimes shortened to just “cuck” — is applied to people on the right who are seen as insufficiently conservative. No, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it’s not an area of our modern world upon which I waste many brain cycles. But I have wondered at the usage.

So, too, has Paltego, only he spent some time thinking about it:

The key element of cuckolding is surely the ‘cheating’ aspect and the feelings that provokes. By definition it needs at least three people, with one of them getting off on being spurned and denied. Maybe the cuckold gets off on the woman’s pleasure, or masochistically on the humiliation and rejection, but either way it’s a secret source of enjoyment. Do how does this dynamic map to the insult? If Donald Trump is the bull and Jeb Bush the cuck, who or what is the woman? How is the cheating happening? And is Jeb supposed to be getting a thrill out of it? It doesn’t really make much sense to me.

An article in Esquire suggests a simpler explanation: cuckolds are by definition weak, therefore weak conservatives must perforce be cucks. This view totally ignores the psychodynamics of cuckoldry-as-a-fetish that Paltego is trying to engage, but perhaps that’s no surprise.

And that’s quite enough time spent on that.

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