I’m a sucker for a sexual how-to guide, even when it’s a bit on the click-bait side. Here’s Harriet Sugarcookie’s guide to rough sex for people who are new to it. An excerpt, which includes an example of the unnecessarily-gendered language throughout the guide:

A lot of girls like to get their hair pulled, especially when in doggy position. A lot of guys pull hair wrong. Hair pulling is a great way to stimulate your partner, whilst also showing more dominance and control. There is a right and wrong way to pull hair.

The trick is to hold the hair close to the scalp, rather than pulling it further away from the scalp. This gives you the same control and dominance, but without making it really painful for the girl. The point isn’t to exert as much pain as possible, it’s about adding more stimulation.

The word is “people”, people. “A lot of people like to get their hair pulled; a lot of people pull hair wrong.” How hard was that?

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