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ErosBlog readers, when I set up the ErosBlog Patreon I took some pains to explain that my pledge rewards are about service to the ErosBlog community, precisely because I don’t want to

turn ErosBlog into a “I did some nifty stuff, you don’t get to see it unless you go somewhere else and make a pledge” platform. That’s totally not what this is for. The goal is to make ErosBlog stronger and better, with your support.

However, I did promise the early patrons one exclusive article, which I have now published on the Patreon platform:

How To Research The Provenance Of An Erotic Image

If you haven’t supported the ErosBlog Patreon effort yet, please consider doing so. Just a one-dollar pledge will get you access to all patrons-only posts! (This is currently the only such.)

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