I’m delighted to announce that after months of hemming, hawing, and uncertain faffing about, I’ve set up a Patreon for ErosBlog:

Please support erosblog on Patreon

That means it’s now possible for me to ask for your support. My goal? A community-and-fan-supported ErosBlog, with more in-depth writing and a lot more of my “deep dives” into erotica research and curation.

I’ll let you read the full pitch on Patreon. It’s long, because I’m a wordy bastard. If you still want more explanation after all that, you masochist, try reading this.)

I soft-launched the Patreon a couple days ago. I am all agog at the generous pledges already received — OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Together we are already half the way to my first modest pledge goal. When we get there, I’ve promised to write up a detailed survey of the tools and methods I use for image provenance research.

Don’t worry, though! My Patreon initiative is all about using Patreon’s tools and your generosity to support ErosBlog, not vice-versa. I don’t plan to post very much Patrons-only content on the Patreon platform. I will post there a few things that make sense: some exclusive goodies to entice pledges, and some “extras” from the vintage erotica curation that the Patreon support will (I hope) enable. But I promise I won’t turn ErosBlog into a “I did some nifty stuff, you don’t get to see it unless you go somewhere else and make a pledge” platform. That’s totally not what this is for. The goal is to make ErosBlog stronger and better, with your support.

For the same reason, my pledge rewards are about service to the ErosBlog community: taking your requests for blog content and direction, writing you dirty limericks, doing porn provenance research for you, and helping you promote your own adult-community stuff.

So that’s the pitch. I want to do more of what makes ErosBlog great. I want to do it harder. If you — the ErosBlog community of fans, friends, and supporters — want that too, this is the way to make it happen. Thank you!

P.S. Even if you can’t pledge right now, letting people know about my Patreon also helps enormously. After 14 years ErosBlog must have many tens of thousands of readers and fans who no longer visit every day. If you’ve got an appropriate social media channel, please consider using it to mention this Patreon to them?

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