A drunk friend of mine the other day started riffing endlessly on how gay men have everything better than straight men. He had a whole manifesto! I myself was not sober enough to take notes, but these three points I do remember:

1) Gay sex workers and cams performers are hotter:
younger-looking, prettier, more fit, better groomed. If you visit gaycamlads.com it’s not hard to see what he’s talking about:


Without bodyshaming, which I will not do, I can’t give you a confirmingly-illustrative compare-and-contrast screenshot of female performers from a random het-oriented camsite. It is surely true that there are lots of stunningly beautiful women working cams, but on many sites they are interspersed with performers who have a certain “people of Walmart” presentation about them. (Which is all I’m going to say about that.) My friend riffed ruthlessly on this point in a way that’s far afield from the ErosBlog house style. I might accuse him of being shallow, but it’s hard to say that he is completely wrong.

2) Gay sex toys are more fabulous: shinier, more colorful, more glittery. This assertion verges on circularity, especially when one pauses to consider the problematic premises involved in deciding what “gay sex toy” might possibly mean; but in fairness and truth there was hardly a line in my friend’s whole riff that did not raise one or another such problematic question. It was more fun — and more friendly — to just go with the flow of the conversation. Me being me, though, I did needle him on this point; and in response he pointed (incontrovertably, I thought) to the rainbow cock cage that’s been featured in the pages of this very blog:


3) Blowjobs! My friend waxed lyrical on all the reasons why gay men give (and thus, in the main and for obvious reasons of symmetry, get) better blowjobs. A quick job of research turns up plenty of guys who agree, including no less an authority than the LGBT subreddit:


It might be reasonable to doubt whether gay guys as a class are properly objective on the question. But me being without any comparative data of my own, who am I to argue?


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