Back in April I spent some of your generously-provided Patreon money buying a copy of a 1970s Saga magazine that I had reason to believe would contain additional photos from the Raquel Welch photo shoot featured on its cover:

Raquel Welch on cover of Saga magazine

(Don’t forget to click all photos in this post for much-higher-resolution scans.)

I was wrong, I was wrong, I was so very wrong.

The “pictorial portrait of a sex goddess” promised on the cover did not, in fact, contain any more photos from that shoot. Instead, it consisted of these three nearly-random dubiously-printed pages:

Raquel Welch pictorial - page one bikini

Raquel Welch pictorial - page two assorted random photos

Raquel Welch pictorial - page three swimsuit

Photographic shovelware, I tell you! But… it is Raquel Welch, and I already spent your money, so I scanned ’em in anyway. Hope you enjoy!

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