two devils dropping a man into hell art signed by werntz

Yesterday’s news about a James O’Keefe-run failed op to fake an accusation against Roy Moore in an effort to discredit the other accusations against him underscored something I’ve been marveling at for a long time. When did the party of “family values” (always a cruel joke, as any ostracized gay person could tell you, but still) decide that winning at politics was more important than how many young girls their preferred people might or might not have raped? Because that’s genuinely a new thing for them; twenty years ago, teenaged-girl-raping in their upper ranks was emphatically not something they would openly tolerate or defend in public.

A tweet by Dana Gould says it in a sentence:

When you hate your enemy more than you love your children, you lose your soul.

(I don’t normally truck with souls, much; I’m just an infosystem that runs on meat, evolved for driving an ape. But they believe in ’em; and it’s a handy proxy-word for things I do believe in, like integrity and honor.)

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