Is it Share Our Shit Saturday already, again? It is!

  1. From the department of “when they do these things, I’m relieved that I don’t have to”, Michael Samadhi has extensively debunked a stupid anti-porn article in The Atlantic, from whom we usually expect better. (I’m so old I remember when bloggers called this sort of thing “a fisking“.)
  2. I am dazed with professional awe at how Girl On The Net managed to handle the always-tricky situation in this post where a sponsor/supporter of the post requested a very specific but kinda obnoxious link anchor text. She managed to at once disclose and accommodate the less-than-awesome request while (a) to all external appearances completely satisfying the sponsor, and (b) not compromising any of the stuff that makes the post good and fun (which it totally is; it’s a do-it-yourself guide to turning a motorized Fleshlight into a hands-free dick-milking machine).
  3. The third share this week is a two-parter from Not Just Bitchy on vetting potential submissive men for boyfriends or play partners, although honestly I can’t see anything in here that wouldn’t be just as applicable to vetting men as dominant or vanilla date/playtime material. (Part One, Part Two.) This sentence hooked me: “While vetting isn’t a magic cure-all, people mostly suck at lying about who they are and they extra suck at it when they don’t realize they’re kind of terrible and probably should lie about who they are.” And then this paragraph set the hook: “Whether you want a long-term romantic relationship with a submissive boyfriend or you just want a play partner who will treat you like a human being, guys who can’t clear that bar are usually super obvious about it. Seriously, it is not hard to catch them. At all.”

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