As I explained yesterday, today marks the start of a new meme for sex bloggers and anybody else producing adult content on the free/independent/open/ web. There are no rules per se; but the general idea is that you use your open web platform to highlight some porn stuff you admire that’s on somebody else’s open web platform. The price of using these old-fashioned #pornocalypse-resistant “real websites” is the difficulty of getting links, traffic, and attention; the purpose of this meme is to ameliorate that difficulty a little bit. Without further ado:

  1. Here’s a guest post at Girl On The Net’s blog by porn performer Charlie Ten talking about her view of ethical porn — something that we don’t talk about enough, mostly because it gives the mindless porn-haters too many opportunities to spout their anti-porn nonsense. But it’s still an important conversation, when you can find people of good will, willing to to have it.
  2. The 99th episode of Elust at Molly’s Daily Kiss deserves a shout-out in this first #SSoS because the Elust enterprise is a detailed, high-quality, curated sort of project that’s very much in the same spirit. #SSoS is by no means a new concept; we used to call this sort of things “link roundups” and they were a major blog-sociability concept back when social-media was barely dreamed-of. By my lights, Elust is an honored veteran and survivor from the olden days. Elust takes submissions, too!
  3. I’m linking to Bex’s Five Easy Ways To Give A Blowjob With A Condom for a nostalgic reason that might make sense to nobody else. Way back in 2003 I linked to a ridiculously pornified set of “how-to” photographs of a woman putting a condom on a man’s dick with her mouth; some years later, after that link was long broken, I rescued those photos using the Internet Archive, and they are now on ErosBlog But they are, no question, more porn than how-to. Bex’s post offers a two-minute video on condom application by mouth that’s far more useful from an educational perspective. Highly recommended.
  4. The world needs more blogs like The Rialto Report, which bills itself without false modesty as “oral history, audio, photo, and documentary archives from the golden age of adult film in New York, and beyond”. The post I’m sharing today is an interview with Steven Ziplow, who is the author of 1977’s The Filmmaker’s Guide To Pornography — perhaps the first-ever textbook of adult film-making. In the best Rialto Report tradition, a complete downloadable copy of the book is included in the post.
  5. Ms. Naughty has been making porn websites since 2000 (!) and this summer she wrote an article called Six Things Today’s Internet Could Learn From Old School Porn Websites. As she says, “there was a time when porn did its best to be respectful to the surfer and tried hard not to piss them off because we knew that a happy, non-harassed surfer was more likely to trust you and to buy something.” She’s not wrong.