I’ve had just about nothing whatsoever to say about #MeToo because I’m firmly of the belief that the smartest thing I can do is keep my mouth fucking shut. Do I have opinions? You betcha. Does anybody want to hear them? Maybe a few other old fat white guys; if so, they can email me. The smartest Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell has looked in years was when he said, in response to a direct question, “I believe the women” before scuttling away down a hallway, but the smart part was that he declined to elaborate.

That said, I’ve got nothing in my heart but dark hilarious mockery for men who bring complaints about witch hunts to the conversation. Tone deaf, history-ignorant idiots, apparently, with no idea who witches were or why they were hunted. So I laughed when I saw this Norm Saunders pulp art detail from the cover of the December 1973 Man’s Story magazine. It’s the witch hunt, boys, and it’s coming for you! You better run!

witch hunt

Illustration is for a story called “The Wild Raid Of The Lace Panty Commandos” which only makes it better.