Here’s a look at the state of mail-order pornography in the late 1960s, courtesy of the Ted Nelson’s Junk Mail Project via a couple of nudist 8mm film reel brochures (male or female subjects, color films available for 50% more money). Click my lightly-edited crops showing the “good parts” to see the complete brochures:

female nudist films brochure

male nudist film loops of the late 1960s

It’s interesting that the headers on the full brochures emphasizes “Unretouched” as a selling point; this makes me think that in an effort to avoid postal censorship and obscenity prosecutions, mail-order nudist films (and possibly nudist publications generally) must have passed through a phase where genitalia were airbrushed or otherwise obscured on the negatives with darkroom shenanigans before reproduction, publication, and distribution. There’s a lot I don’t know about the history of censorship; these little hints are tantalizing.

Also please note: I have it on good authority (via @textfiles) that the totally awesome Ted Nelson Junk Mail Project is currently in the red and could use donations, if that’s the sort of thing that floats your charitable boat.

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