I have been noticing a set of four grainy images speeding about on Twitter in recent days, a poor degraded sample from what I faintly remembered to be a much larger set of enthusiastic and hilarious Kermit-and-Miss-Piggy art-porn dating back five or six years, that was mentioned briefly at ErosBlog before. My faintly-triggered recollection is that much better photographs exist elsewhere on the web. I can’t really be the guy to curate comprehensive sets of materials like this, because if I assemble and host a definitive image set, eventually the wrath of Henson (the wraith of Henson?) will descend on me. But the doctrine of fair use allows me to at least put together some representative samples and information for the curious seeker, or so I believe and am prepared to defend.

kermit licking miss piggy, aka the whore of babylon

You may therefore imagine my alarm when, upon determining the provenance of this artwork in greater detail than I had previously known it, I realized that the provenance itself was at some risk of being lost. Although there are doubtless many other rapidly-evaporating web references, the one I found is an obsolete search result in the Tineye reverse image search engine, which is at risk of being purged from that engine the next time their crawler finds that the underlying link is gone 404 Not Found:

broken tineye search result

That, plus some work with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, gets us all of the information about the underlying source art project. But crucially, you will notice that there are no archived images present; without something like my screen capture and this blog post, there might be no way for a future researcher to definitively link the text I am about to quote with these images. It turns out the photos are of epoxy clay sculptures for a 2012 art project by Emilio Rangel:

The project La Puta de Babilonia (The Whore of Babylon) takes its name from a biblical character from the Book of Revelations that represents the evil and lust inherently present in people. This character appears as one of the signs of the Apocalypse, being the one who corrupts the kings of men through desire. A total of 148 pieces, which constitute the entire collection, were sculpted to create a visual deployment of this biblical character. Some pieces depict a swine and a frog having sexual intercourse in different positions, various pigs in erotic positions, and a central piece, representing the Whore of Babylon (the swine) over the seven-headed beast. The total installation of the forms illustrates an almost pornographic landscape of animals with very funny anthropomorphic features.

One hundred and forty-eight pieces! No, they’re not all as amusing as the ones that have been circulating recently. But “emilio rangel miss piggy 2012” and variations will still turn up quite a few decent images. Don’t limit yourself to Google; Bing, Yandex, and sometimes even Duck-Duck-Go all filter “porn” less than Google does, and can sometimes work better for searches like this. Play with it; have fun. What, you don’t have the time? Well, you could pay me; I’ve done detailed curation work like this more than once, for discerning private collectors. As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to get a frog out of a pig’s ass!

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