Sometimes my most compelling motivation to put up a Share Our Shit Saturday post is the amazing stuff my friend Dr. Faustus publishes with such regularity, so this week I’m going to start with him:

  1. Faustus’s Rosetta Stone of a free mad science comic Bubbles is now available in Japanese and in Arabic. I doubt the Japanese will bat an eyelash, but if it doesn’t tweak the beards of some self-appointed guardians of Arab culture and morality somewhere, it will disappoint me. (Plus the first 20 pages of The Adventures of Ashley Madder — being the latest book in the long-running Tales of Gnosis College free comic book series — are now available for reading at this link.)
  2. Girl On The Net squirted for the first time, and just possibly may have added a tip to the sexual literature on how that can be accomplished, for folks who find it tricky or elusive.
  3. In Rain DeGrey’s latest advice column, she fields several questions about orgasms from a perspective of plenty — whether there can be too many, how to handle squirting anxiety, and what a fellow can do with his “tease and deny” fantasy when his wife enjoys the ability to orgasm easily and effortlessly.

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