If ErosBlog were the sort of billionaire’s hobby that meant we had purpose-built premises, and commissioned art to put in the colonnaded lobby, this right here is the sort of art I would want to commission to put in it:

ingenue startled by a statue of a happy woman fucking the god Bacchus

If startled ingénues in short dresses, tall shoes, and summery hats suddenly inherit a new set of ancient Mediterranean erotic dreams and obsessions, well, what harm in that?

It would delight me to learn from some student of art history that this is a representation of an actual famous statue that exists in the world (Vatican library, anybody?) but until so informed, I must sadly assume it exists only in the fevered imagination of artist Giovanni Romanini. Let’s just look at the statuary detail, shall we?

state of a girl or nymph being fucked by a standing or crouching satyr

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