share our shit saturday soss

It has been far too long since I published a Share Our Shit Saturdays meme post, but I’ve got to at least touch some of the highlights of the best stuff that has been put out there by a few of my favorite bloggers since the last time:

  1. In his usual industrious way, Dr. Faustus has published two more full chapters (Chapter 4 and Chapter 5) in the Tales of Ashley Madder, and is currently chugging along through the daily page-by-page publication of Chapter 6 at his flagship Erotic Mad Science blog. He’s also published additional versions of his Rosetta Stone comic Bubbles in Punjabi, Turkish, and Farsi. And finally, he published three commissioned artworks in connection with his comic Bait: one called The Daughters Of Leos by Faustus Crow (no relation), and the more light-hearted damsel-in-distress artworks Deep Sea Lola and Bubble Tube Lola.
  2. The hardworking and discerning curators of pornographic history at The Rialto Report have released three more quality scan sets of vintage porn magazines since my last report on their curatorial efforts: the issues from the first year (1976) of High Society, the 1981 issues of Adult Cinema, and the issues from the first year (1976) of Cheri.
  3. Back in September Girl On The Net published this ridiculously-good post on what it takes (and, more importantly, doesn’t take) to be a sex blogger.
  4. From the Sensual Liberation Army, an ErosBlog friend going back to the very earliest of days, we learn that the magic of the crochet bikini does not care how many nipples you have.
  5. Franklin Veaux wrote at some length about the kinkiest sex toy he’s ever used. Considering that he’s the creator of the famous Map of Human Sexuality and that his answer involved a six-week campaign by the women in his life to make him more sexually suggestible and biddable, you might not have expected so much mathematics — or such a small piece of aluminum! — to figure in the tale.

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