“So, what happened to your boat?”

sirens are fixing to violence his boat

“Well, me and my mate, we were fishing, see? And these skinnydipping teenyboppers, they were on some rocks, eh? And, like, singing? Singing really pretty, and they had hooters out to here. We sailed in closer for a better look, but had to stop because the reefs up in there around those rocks looked kinda tricky. But it was OK because the girls swam out, a whole bunch of them, and started climbing up on board like they wanted to party with us. Only, my mate fell asleep, and I did too, and I don’t really know what happened after that. Woke up on the beach with a mouthful of sand. Can’t find him, can’t find the boat, can’t find those girls, can’t even find those fuckin’ rocks!”

The artwork is The Sirens (1874) by Wilhelm Kray. What’s above is the central detail; click for the whole painting in higher resolution. There’s an even larger version from Wikimedia Commons but the colors aren’t as bright/attractive in their photograph of the painting.

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