One of the oddities of modern porn that I am too old and staid to appreciate is, well, all the spitting. Usually in the porn I see it’s a man spitting on a woman’s pussy, or into her mouth; and it’s not usually a big thing, just a little note of humiliation in a rough sex scene (the kind we used to call “gonzo porn” but nowadays we just call “porn”). But some producers and directors seem determined to do this in every damned movie! And I don’t know why. It’s definitely not my kink, and I wouldn’t have known it was anyone’s if it didn’t keep happening in recently-made stuff.

Thus I was almost relieved to come across this 1970s Japanese femdom fetish illustration that proves it’s (a) not new and (b) not necessarily a gendered thing. Of course there never are any new things in sex, but it’s a point that can always stand to be remade with fresh evidence:

three women spitting in a submissive man's mouth

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