ViceUK has an article currently bringing in the hate-clicks under the title Why Straight Men Hate Astrology So Much. No link for them! Do they conclude that it’s because astrology is total bollocks, like homeopathy and Gwyneth Paltrow’s jade pussy eggs? Nope nope nope! Instead they claim that astrology has become a gendered belief structure, important disproportionately to women and gay people, so (they argue) straight men belittle it for reasons of masculinity. Nothing to do with astrology being empty nonsense!

A problem with this theory: the evidence they cite for the existence of a gendered disparity in the popularity of astrology suggests that the numbers only began to diverge along gender lines a few years ago. Whereas the people in the reality-based community that I know have disparaged astrology as being dumber than flat-Eartherism for much much longer than that.

Here, let me show you the only solid astrological chart and horoscope you are ever going to see:

astrological chart horoscope

The chart is not mine, but it’s been floating around the internet since forever and I don’t have an attribution for it.

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