This post is unabashed propaganda for the proposition that you should always do whatever it takes to get your rocks off before going to that stressful turkey dinner with the family who’s gonna give you grief about your politics or your lifestyle. In Holiday Pit Stop: Don’t Go To The Folks Until You’ve Cum At Least Once, that’s exactly what Yasmin and Will decide to do, after a fast mutual pickup at their local bar:

back home for a quick hookup after meeting at a bar

For once the marketing copy for this porn shoot needs no elaboration:

Yasmin and Will meet in a bar. They both had the same needs before heading off to their families for a night of family fighting, too much turkey and of course, the endless guilt trip about being single during the Holidays. They both wanted that one cocktail that takes the edge off and keeps your sister from saying you drink too much.

Soon though their quick drink and a little commiserating leads to both of them returning to Will’s hotel room for a little pre-dinner fucking.

thanksgiving sex with a trans girl

There’s nothing like fucking a stranger you’ll never see again right before going to a family gathering! The secret is enough to keep you smiling all the way to the pie.

holiday sex with a trans femme

quickie sex with a transwoman

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