Today’s moment of joy:

The most joyous thing I’ve seen today is the virginal young heroine of a BDSM romance, whose submissive tendencies are as yet unrealized in this early part of the narrative, complaining to a man who just happens to be part owner of a BDSM club: “You’re so bossy.”

Oh, honey, fasten your seatbelt, because you are about to go on a JOURNEY…

Context: Over on Mastodon I’ve been doing an occasional microfeature where I describe a moment of joy from my reading or recreational social media interactions. I’ve decided to reproduce some of those over here as short blog posts, because why not? However, because a blog is different from social media, please allow me a couple of disclaimers. First of all, when I say “the most joyous thing I’ve seen today” the word “today” refers to the appearance of the Mastodon post, not the ErosBlog mirror of it, which may be scheduled to appear later. And unlike my usual practice, these moments usually don’t come with specific provenance.

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