Someone much smarter than Bacchus will have to evaluate this resource and report back. There’s a page here advertising “Lesbian GNU/Linux” — a pretty obvious parody of the Debian package, right down to the photoshopped logo. However, the apparent actual purpose of the page (which purpose is only apparent, and not certain, because when linux types make jokes it’s not unheard of for the rest of us mere mortals to miss the point) is this bit: “It comes with a superior package management system called porn-get…”. Which is followed by several tarballs (furballs? salty balls? Something like that, anyway) and man pages and similar related penguin-head paraphernalia, all of which looks pretty authentic even if it does contain oddities like the following:

 / |    ||   *  /\---/\ 
   ~~   ~~   
...."Have you mooed today?"...

The interesting thing is that there does appear to be some sort of functional software for obtaining porn (a linux pornograph?) buried in here…because this artifact was revealed by the discovery in the ErosBlog log files of the following unique user agent ID: (

Are there any penguin-heads out there who can tell us what this software does, and whether it is any good?