Joshua Claybourne provides us this quote from noted Christian philosopher and author C.S. Lewis:

“It is not the thing, nor the pleasure, that is the trouble. The old Christian teachers said that if man had never fallen, sexual pleasure, instead of being less than it is now, would actually have been greater. I know some muddle-headed Christians have talked as if Christianity thought that sex, or the body, or pleasure, were bad in themselves. But they were wrong. Christianity is almost the only one of the great religions which thoroughly approves of the body – which believes that matter is good, that God Himself once took on a human body, that some kind of body is going to be given to us even in Heaven and is going to be an essential part of our happiness, our beauty, and our energy. Christianity has glorified marriage more than any other religion: and nearly all the greatest love poetry in the world has been produced by Christians. If anyone says that sex, in itself, is bad, Christianity contradicts him at once.”

Nice quote, although the astute reader will discern that Lewis is in fact gearing up to tell us what the Christian difficulty with sex is, if it’s not sex per se. And that sermon is not one likely to be well received by this readership.

Since other posts on that blog display enlightened sexual attitudes such as the advocacy of years of sexual frustration in the name of stronger (if awfully eventual) marriages, perhaps we should not expect immediate back linkage.