I didn’t make up that title; the article is here. A sample:

You can feel everything. Your asshole is very sensitive; a lot more sensitive than your cunt in fact, and of course a lot tighter. Every move, every nuance, every twist and turn of the finger or dildo or cock goes right through your ass and into your brain. It doesn’t take much to feel completely filled up, and it rarely leaves you feeling like you didn’t get enough.

Getting buttfucked also forces you to slow down, loosen up, and enjoy the moment. You can’t be too goal-oriented about it — it simply doesn’t work. You have to relax, mentally as well as physically, and you have to be willing to enjoy as much as you enjoy and not push yourself to take more than you can. If you approach getting assfucked like you’re training for a marathon, you’re going to wind up with an extremely sore asshole. For someone like me, an instant-gratification junkie who has to get there right now and wants to be at the next place as soon as she arrives, it’s very valuable to get fucked in a way that forces me to stay in the moment.

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