AnarchoBabes and Liberty Chicks is a group blog by several freedom-loving ladies with a great attitude and a sense of fun. They surely aren’t bound by tradition, oh no:

Last night I had a wonderful time … an all-too-rare lovemaking session with just one co-partner that was awesome. My knees still go weak thinking about it. Our other partner — the twins’ father — was out of town, so we had the place to ourselves after the kids were in bed. Happiness galore!!!!!!! If you’ve never had a three-minute orgasm that leaves you speechless and breathless, well … I feel damn sorry for you.

The three of us don’t always share a bed, but we’re so compatible together, it’s what we choose more often than not (the nots being nights when one of us is having our period, or somebody’s not feeling well, stuff like that).

Yes, our happy family is a triad …. and yes, I swing both ways. If you got a problem with that, well tuff. I never asked for your opinion anyway. It works for all of us, and what else matters?

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