Over at The Orgy I found this tale of a threesome, no more remarkable than such tales always are, but entertaining nonetheless. It’s quoted here, however, for its illustration of the dynamics of a successful couple pickup. I especially like the two-handed handshake proffer:

Lauren and I sat at the table and talked, sobering up a little before we chanced the roads home.

From the crowd came a girl in a “demented schoolgirl” outfit. Short, with jet black hair that rested on her shoulders, this girl was wearing a black blouse, one button fastened around the mid-point of the shirt, a white bra, and a plaid schoolgirl skirt. White knee socks and Mary Janes rounded off the look. The girl was smoking hot, pale white skin with big, bright blue eyes. Her ears were pierced in a dozen places each, her eyebrow was pierced, her labret was pierced, and her belly button was pierced. She had a smile on her face as she walked over to our table and took a seat.

Lauren and I looked at each other, wondering who she was going to flirt with- she was eyeing Lauren pretty hard, and my bet was on her. Instead, she stuck her hands out, one to each of us, and said “I’m Anna. You two are a beautiful couple.”

We introduced ourselves, and there was some highly-charged conversation. After a few minutes, Anna slid under the table and came up on our side, pushing between the two of us. She rested her head on my shoulder and put her hand on Lauren’s bare knee, rubbing up towards her thigh. Anna whispered into my ear “Would you two like to take me home?”