Expanding again on a post by my esteemed colleague…but we do have the nicest friends. In addition to those Bacchus mentioned in his post yesterday, and those who decloaked in the comments (DTG at PussyTalk, smooches and thanks for nominating ErosBlog as a best “big-name” blog, whatever that is), others share the loveliest stuff with us. A nice example follows; I found it yesterday when I checked my email from here for the first time since returning home:

Sugar Plumalicious!

She calls it a “Sugar Plum fairy” ensemble, but I see it as a beautiful snow or winter queen creation…..and although I understand why she did it, it’s too bad our thoughtful Stockings Diva of Corset Dreams and Lingerie Dreams didn’t provide a full shot of her obviously pretty face. Thanks in part to her, I’ve resolved to get back into better shape, even though I’ve nobody to show it off to right now….I want to wear sensuous stuff like this and look hot in it for myself! Perhaps I’ll return the photo favor some day, too. :)