I’m probably one of the last people on the planet not to have read all the Harry Potter books. Just not that interested in the straightup stuff. (The fanfic is another story, especially if it’s naughty fanfic.) It wasn’t all that long ago that I saw one of the movies with a friend, it was the one that had one of the professors giving Harry chocolate all the time and saying, “Eat this. It’ll help.” I thought that was kind of silly, but it turns out I was wrong. I just happened to catch this headline…Chocolate-Fed Women Have Better Sex Lives. From the story:

Italian researchers found that women who ate chocolate on a daily basis had higher libidos than those who didn’t. They also found that chocolate-fed women had better sexual arousal and more sexual satisfaction. Their scientific conclusion: The craving of choice for many women has some real benefits for our sex lives.

There’s probably some leftover Valentine’s Day candy on sale in some stores…..and no thanks necessary, guys. ;)