Tigereyes, who credits his wife with bringing some kink to their marriage, describes an unexpected side benefit (above and beyond the usual spankings and hotter sex):

I have to say one thing about the DD D/s lifestyle: it’s finally convinced my dear wife that she’s too young and hot to be wearing granny panties and granny gowns. [He’s right, she is. –Ed.] Ladies, I don’t care how old you are, please do not subject your husband to the libido-killing granny duo. For those of you unsure what I’m talking about, granny panties are the underwear that come up about 3 inches above the waist and granny gowns – the official sleepwear of the Puritan woman – have high necks, long sleeves, and cover the feet.

Now, my Carrie wears sporty, spunky, and cute sleepshorts and t-shirts. And when she comes downstairs wearing these and has her hair in pigtails, I know it’s time to get it on.

Now, to spread the word!