Jon says Guys Are Not Crafty. Perhaps some of my female readers would argue, but this summary matches my own experience pretty closely:

The things we say don’t have secret meanings. Guys do one of three things. We either say what we mean, flat out lie or say nothing at all. There is no hidden meaning. We really are not that deep.

Here is an example. If a guy says “I am not horny tonight” it means one of two things:

1) “I am not horny tonight.”

2) “I am horny but I am lying just because sometimes guys are stupid and lie for no reason.”

Now to make sense of the difference, lets look at what a woman might mean:

1) “I am not horny tonight.”

2) “We are in a fight so I am cutting you off.”

3) “I know you will still try something and I want you to do all the work tonight.”

4) “I will tease you with sex until you promise to buy that necklace we saw today.”

5) “I am going to call my ex, I just went out with you for the free dinner.”

6) “I was horny until you kissed me with the same mouth that ate the peanut butter and mustard sandwich that disgusts me so much.”