There’s a heck of a rantish sex essay over at Rollertrain, covering many sexual topics, but this little bit jumped out:

Every straight guy has a magic cum button: That amazing little spot tucked just inside the most feared orifice of mankind. If I was the boss of Sexyland, I’d start an ad campaign:

Prostate as Male Clitoris; No Longer Just a Dude’s G(ay) Spot.

Have your lover get a manicure, lube up a finger, massage your sphincter and gently penetrate that scary place, one millimeter at a time. Ask them to bend their finger into the famous “come hither” curve until they feel the firm bump of your prostate. Let and feel them tease it till your man-clitoris get bigger and harder, which leads me to the campaign’s tagline:

It works kind of like your boner! And feels just as good.

Ask them to suck your cock while they’re at it. This tip leads to the customer benefit points:

Orgasm is a physical inevitability when you mix prostate stimulation with fellatio.

There are three key issues to deal with before you grant ass access to your lover’s pointer finger. First, shit. Second, wash. Third, stop being so fucking gay. The more afraid you are, the more you’re going to love it, and the sooner you should figure out how to try it. Prostate play feels too good to pass off as something that shouldn’t be enjoyed. Life is short, gentlemen. Get over your ass. Encourage your lovers to do the same thing.