I’ve recently added a new link category tentatively entitled “Sex Blogazines.” I don’t like that neologism, but I can’t think of a better one, just yet. Can you help?

The sites I’m trying to encompass with this title are sites (often but not necessarily in blog format) which aggregate and collect blog postings from other blogs. My canonical example is Viviane’s Sex Carnival, which I hadn’t listed previously due to lack of an appropriate category. I don’t consider these things to be blogs, exactly, because they lack any sort of original writing or commentary. When they add value, they do so by the pure exercise of an editorial function, the way an anthologist (or a person who puts together a mix CD) creates entertainment though the exercise of editorial discretion. The result is a sort of blogging magazine, hence my tentative name.

At their worst, these sites are pure RSS aggregators dumped to HTML — they don’t add much value but they can be handy for folks who don’t use RSS aggregators. A few of these do a good job of selecting and presenting feeds, and I’ll be linking to some of the best over the next few days. (If you’d like to suggest candidates, please email your suggestions; please do not post them in the comments.)

If anyone can think of a more descriptive or more euphoneous two-or-three word name for these blog posting collections, please share your suggestions in the comments. Thanks!