I recently got a link exchange email from an interesting-looking sex blog with a lot of interesting posts, somewhat focused on strange sex stories from the news, but worthy overall. And the link exchange request was polite, customized, and well-enough written to avoid getting the dreaded form-letter response. Until I looked at the site’s advertising. That got them this response:

I’ve given some thought to linking your blog, but at this moment I’m going to have to pass. Your blog has some interesting posts, such that I’d probably link if the quality of your blog posts were the only factor to consider.

However, another significant factor is the fact that I’m trying to build a sex-positive site that is respectful of my readers and doesn’t perpetuate sexual myths and misinformation. One way I do this is by making sure I don’t link to folks who heavily promote fraudulent items like penis enlargement products, fake sex phereomones, and the like. Since your site prominantly features ads for these products, I’m reluctant to endorse your site to my readers by linking.

Just in case there’s anybody out there who didn’t get the memo, here it is again: There’s no such thing as a penis enlargement product that works. And there’s no pheremone product on the market that does a damn thing but separate you from your money. Anybody who says different is a liar, a fool, or a crook.