Over at Kiss and Blog, Wombat says more about his soon-to-be-renamed Ten Date Rule. It makes alot of sense to me:

Doesn’t it make sense to recognize that having sex changes things? Not only does your body react, but the way you think about the man changes too. Thanks to oxytocin, you will now want to be with him more than before. Unfortunately, the guy isn’t affected in the same way, and without an existing attachment may not be as interested in continuing the liaison. This causes heartbreak for women when their feelings intensify after first sex, and the guy does The Fadeout.

Allowing the man to get to know and like you beyond the temptation of intercourse will improve the odds of him sticking around. Women often fail to allow for the time it takes a bloke to do this. Whereas women know within thirty seconds if particular guy is for them, it can take us much – much – longer. Sure, we like the idea of having sex with you, but getting to the point of wanting a relationship after sticking it in can take a while. Weeks, or longer.

That’s the thing about the TDR; it’s got nothing to do with women. It is all about men. Knowledge of male behaviour means that women can allow for it. Whether you choose to or not is up to you.

Lots more over there. If your knickers are all twisted from the above, be sure to read the comments. Pagan Marbury of Thong Speed and Trouble in Shangri La from Dubious Wonder add alot to Wombat’s post. And their blogs look pretty good too!