I admit it, I composed this post for an excuse to use that title.

It all started when Violet Blue dropped a link with a warning — which, from her, is a warning to heed. She wrote:

More horror: I found what I think is home of the new goatse (click at your own risk, for reals).

She’s talking eel insertions, frog sex, strangulation, and odder oddities, but she didn’t link directly even so. Here’s the link, unfiltered by Fleshbot: Genki-Genki. You have been warned. If you’ve seen the viral video clip of the woman with the funnel and the eels, this is more of that sort of thing.

(Funny what people do and don’t get offended by. On the same internet at roughly the same time, Spanking Blog draws fire for posting a perfectly nice bit of religious art that just drools and drips with suppressed eroticism. Somebody needs to show those tetchy folks some eel sex.)

But where, you ask, is the promised octopus underwear?

Right here:

octopus underwear

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