There’s a new fetish map out there, and Franklin Veaux, its creator, says:

Some time ago, a person named Katharine Gates designed a map of human sexuality. … My first impression upon seeing this fetish map was that it was woefully incomplete. … I wanted to try my hand at designing a fetish map that would be a bit more complete than Ms. Gates’, and I thought, why not do it as an actual map? One of the ideas I wanted to convey was how small most folks’ sexual experience is, how small most folks’ conception of the whole range of sexual expression is, and how vast the actual range of sexual expression is. And, I thought, a map of an imaginary world might be a way to do that.

And how! The map is huge and well worth perusing. Here’s just one tiny detail:

huge map of human sexuality and its variances

Thanks to Violet Blue for the link.