Here at ErosBlog the “Thumper Principle” features among our editorial guidelines — when it comes to the artistic strivings of others, especially non-commercial others, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all.”

This is usually easy to live up to; although snark is often fun, for the most part I prefer to link to good stuff, or to stay silent.

But, as is well known, internet sex writing sometimes transcends the mere “bad” — of which little need or ought be said — and assumes a special glory by express virtue of its enthusiastic divergence from the restrained norms of narrative fiction. In such cases, special exceptions to the Thumper Rule can, and indeed must, be made. (Although there’s no need to be unduly mean about it.)

Onward! The following excerpt comes from a much longer bit of spanking prose entitled Naked Spanking Breaks by “PrinceOfHearts”. I believe the traditional “beverage warning” should now be applied, for the protection of your keyboard and nasal passages:

She was locked into a perfect all-fours mounting posture, and it was the ideal moment to consider my own ejaculatory pleasure. I always like to tailor this final humiliation to the filly under the whip, and most often I would say to Jenny:

“Right then, girl. I think I’ve made my point. Time for a deep, thumping shag up the bottom.”

When I take ownership of a female, one of the most important things is to discover her deepest physical weakness so that I can enjoy ruthlessly and ingeniously exploiting it, reducing her to a quivering jelly of broken disgrace with minimum expenditure of effort.

Jenny’s little secret fulcrum of devastating shame was her sweet, tight little asshole. One of the most embarrassing things for her about having her knickers taken down was the thought that I could see and even touch this forbidden place. She could hardly endure having her bud tweaked, so private and sensitive was that little opening, and the painful indignity of having foreign objects pushed up it was too much for her to bear without crying out in shame.

Of course it was therefore with the greatest of dominant, masculine pleasure that I would celebrate the end of a particularly exciting punishment session by forcing my white hot, concrete erection up her back passage one excruciating inch at a time.

She would wet herself with mortified excitement at even the very mention of anal sex, so I took great delight in the look of deep terror in her wide and pretty eyes when I would grin and say:

“Right then, lets get this massive hard-on as far up your bottom as we can, shall we?”

Link via Spanking Blog.