Two sentences from The Pearl, October 1879:

In accordance with our previously devised arrangements she was persuaded to
ride a St. George upon me, my cock was inserted in her still tender cunt, with great
care, and allowed slowly to get his position, but the excitement was too great for me,
with an exclamation of delight I shot a stream of sperm up into her very entrails, this
set her off, she began slowly to move upon me, her cunt gripping and throbbing upon
the shaft most deliciously, and we were soon running another delightful course; this
was too much for Frank, his cock was again as hard as iron, and eager to get in
somewhere, so kneeling up behind her he tried to insert his prick in her cunt
alongside of mine, but found it too difficult to achieve, then the charming wrinkled
orifice of her pink bottom-hole caught his attention, the tip of his affair was wet with
our spendings, and his vigorous shoves soon gained an entrance, as I was holding her
fast and she was too excited to resist anything, only giving a slight scream as she
found him slip inside of the part she thought was only made for another purpose. I
asked them to rest a few moments and enjoy the sensation of feeling where we were,
our pricks throbbing against each other in a most delicious manner, with only the
thin membrane of the anal canal between them; it made us spend immediately to the
great delight of Rosa, who at once urged us to go on.