She totally does!

If you’ve ever seen that late night HBO show “Cathouse”, a “reality” show set at the Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, you’ll remember Dennis Hoff, the big balding guy who runs the place.

If you haven’t ever watched the show, or been a patron of his establishment I suppose, I don’t know how you’d know of him. He’s not exactly a national figure.

Which is why I did a spit-take on Monday night during the Rachel Maddow show, when Rachel and Arianna and another guest were talking about one or another of Rush Limbaugh’s antics. All unprompted, Arianna volunteered this comparison, which is not without inherent merit:

HUFFINGTON: Yes. He also looks a little bit like the pimp, you know, in the Nevada brothel, you know, in his black shirt, you know… Dennis Hoff, you know, his black jacket.

Of course, it was funnier hearing it in Arianna’s accent, more “zat peemp, in zat brothel” than it reads in the transcript.

Now we know what Arianna watches, late at night!

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