I continue to be impressed with the way that mainstream journalism continues to improve its coverage of adult topics. The swift, painful, and on-going ass-kicking that pre-internet commercial journalism has received in the internet age probably has something to do with it, but hey, I’ll take it.

The latest example to catch my eye is this neutral “local business profile” piece in the Las Vegas Weekly, profiling Paradise Electro Stimulations, makers of the P.E.S. line of electrosex (e-stim) toys. Not long ago, a company that makes products with names like “Rectal Pacifier” and “Corona Stimulator with Focusing Pods” would not have gotten the usual “meet our corporate citizens” friendly-profile treatment. Instead, they would have got a sneering “look at these perverts” article if they got mentioned at all.

PES rectal pacifier electrode

I’m liking the 21st Century better and better:

Paradise Electro Stimulations, a company founded in the Bay Area but now based right here in Las Vegas, has been bringing erotic electro stimulation (e-stim, for short) to curious adults for more than 20 years. Described by its manager as “the best kept secret” in town, I visited the company headquarters and its adjoining sex shop (that’s The Studio) to see what the (ahem) buzz is about.

First things first: What is e-stim? Erotic e-stim is the use of low-frequency electrical stimulation on the tissue and nerves of male and female genitals.

Most importantly, it isn’t about pain.

“The automatic assumption is shock, cattle prod, Taser, electric fence,” says Anna Fay, who has been doing marketing, customer service, research and development and almost everything else at P.E.S. for nearly a decade. “With this product, it’s not about shock.”

She adds, “You can torture someone by edging them, keeping them from climax, but it’s not about inflicting pain.” Actually, many customers are able to achieve a hands-free orgasm using P.E.S., Fay says. If that’s torture, sign me up.

The simplest form of e-stim comes in the form of electrodes you can insert into the body, as well as various rings. For more advanced users, self-adhesive electrodes are also available. All the electrodes are connected to a power box with knobs to control the pulses and frequencies.

The story goes on in that vein for awhile — the reporter even grasps an electrode and reports on the sensations — before concluding on a pleasure-positive note:

Whatever the reason that first brings customers into the store, Fay says few have hesitations at the checkout stand. “I’m amazed at people who come in completely cold and jump right in,” she says.

I’m less surprised. People will do (or pay) anything for the promise of more pleasure. That they’ll ante up for e-stim isn’t much of a (pardon the pun) shock.

PES coronal stimulator

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