It’s a little bit like shooting fish in a rain barrel to make fun of porn marketing and labeling. In any era, but especially “back in the day”, publishers would take a product, buy some cover art, slap on a sensational title, and it was of no concern to anyone that product, art, or title should match in any respect whatsoever. Which led to high-larious stroke-books like Gang-Banged Captive Bride, the text of which may or may not have included any brides, any bondage, or any gangbangs:

captive bride cover

Let’s zoom in on this lurid scene, though, for just a moment. Does it appear that there may be some sort of small-to-mid-sized furry animal stuffed in that man’s underpants, struggling to burst forth at any moment?

captive bride cowers in fear of underpants badger

Image is from alt. binaries. pictures. erotica. bondage.

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